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    They say pictures are worth a thousand words

    This is my favorite video, not only because it is about horses, but it shows so well what the patches do and how fast they can help!





    “Writing a testimonial for Bhavani in few words is hard for me as I have so much to say …… Before I met Bhavani, I was in a short time diagnosed with a rare neuro endocrine disease that most doctors don’t even know about, and forced into having surgery and radiation for a tumor right at the base of my skull. I was never “right” after the surgery and radiation, lost a lot of weight as could not eat any food. I was living a “normal” American life style and eating standard American diet (actually found out that my diet was below SAD) and did not have a clue about alternative approach to health or healing but after suffering and struggling so much with my health post-surgery, I jumped in when a friend of mine told me about a holistic health practitioner called Bhavani. By the time I was desperate and did not have anything to lose and was really scared of dealing with more allopathic doctors. Working with Bhavani was a completely different experience. I felt listened to, cared for and considered as a whole unique person with a unique history. She told me soon after we started that we needed to find the root causes of her health problems Bhavani educated me about nutrition versus food, life style in all aspects, the impact of stress ( I did not even know that I had been suffering from chronic stress since I was 8 years old ) , the impacts of my thinking and conditioning, not leaving any stone unturned. She helped me understand that my body really can not only prevent disease but reverse disease with proper care. At times, I have felt like a slow student but I was always received with patience, as she can oscillate between love and tough love when definitely needed as I had a huge procrastination pattern which could have cost me my life many times). Bhavani made me discover a life that I did not know existed as we explored all avenues of my life using all the modalities that she learned and practiced over 30 years. Bhavani even taught me how to speak up for myself, and made me realize that I needed to put myself first in order to start healing, that it was essential to focus on healing my mind and spirit, along with my body. After my initial diagnosis and treatments, I became very scared and decided to quit going to most of my seemingly endless doctor visits. It appeared that what none of the painful treatments they put me through were helping anyway. From the first moment I met Bhavani, she made it clear to me that she knew I could heal, and has helped me to believe the same thing. At some stage knowing what I needed, she researched and found an amazing local functional naturopathic doctor in my area to add to my health care team. Even though I’m still learning how to be the “captain” of my health care team, the moments when I am, feel really new and very good, like I really am in charge of my healing. Even my close relationships started changing for the better and allowed me to have more support in my family. I’ve learned and experienced first- hand that healing needs to be approached from all angles of the mind, body and spirit. I am grateful every day to have met Bhavani!”

    – Bhadra Hinker Seattle

    “Working with Bhavani has been the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life for my health and well-being. She genuinely cares about me as a person and will do whatever it takes to get to the root cause of the issues in my body- digestion, low energy, not absorbing nutrients, anemia, hair loss, dry skin, etc. She’s turned it all around and I feel like a whole new person who can now pursue my dreams. I recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you Bhavani!”

    – Lynn Kirkham