If you are looking to:
– Restore your health
– Age joyfully while regaining and keeping Youthful Energy 
– Replenish your strength and energy

– If you Reject the sentence:

I am posting here all the different “tools” I have personally been using over many years 

to keep myself young inside out!



Optimizing your Health is their mission since 2004

Check out their mission statement, education and podcast

best magnesium formula

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Nutridyn Supplements

What Nutridyn is:

“As the pioneers of the industry, we have a responsibility to educate others. Since the late 1970s, NutriDyn® has been educating the healthcare industry on the powerful effects of nutrition-based medicine interventions.

We were the first company to host Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the founder, pioneer, and internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine industry.

We have deep roots in providing educational services to healthcare practitioners. We pride ourselves on continually providing cutting-edge research and products to our partners in health by offering CE credited classes and hosting conferences, webinars, workshops, and seminars around the globe.

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Listen to Your Gut and Absorb Plus Shake

When my husband had diverticulitis, I researched and heard of the company Listen to Your Gut: the owner and founder jinni had healed herself from Chrons disease which is pretty stunning

She created a half-elemental shake called Absorb Plus that my husband is using up to these days:

Absorb Plus

Absorb Plus can be used either exclusively as an elemental diet or together with regular food. Elemental shakes were first developed by NASA as a way to feed astronauts in space; because they provided all their nutrient requirements, yet resulted in minimal fecal matter. Since then, the medical community has utilized elemental, or enteral nutritional shakes for various conditions – like inducing remission in Crohn’s or colitis, clearing an intestinal obstruction or diverticulitis blockage, or for people who have trouble chewing, swallowing, or absorbing nutrients from their food.

What is a Half Elemental diet?

Half Elemental Diet:  A half elemental diet is one in which half of your daily nutritional requirements are supplied through an elemental liquid diet, and the other half through solid food. Researchers have established that half-elemental diets significantly lower the occurrence of relapses (symptom flare-up) in Crohn’s disease – see the study here. So those without the willpower, or the need, to do a full elemental diet, still have a good chance of avoiding flare-ups from only a half-elemental diet.

There are so many more excellent products on the website from probiotics to books etc

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Many years ago, I found out about the ” Doc of Detox”.

He caught my attention when I heard him say:

” In those days, we need to detox gently and daily. “

This is how I started using the Doc of Detox Cleansing Tea

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Have a look at the store including some of the purest Humic and Fulvic acids.

But make sure you try the Cleansing detox tea, with 5 organic herbs including Milk Thistle and Blessed Thistle!

And yes, 5 or 6 years later I still drink my tea every day!!

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AVINI health for heavy metal detox, pain relief and more

In the world of health, few things undermine our wellness like heavy metals; damaging organs, clouding thoughts, and exhausting our immune systems. As a staunch supporter of self-healing, I’ve witnessed Cell Defender transform lives. Using potent yet safe zeolites, this product is the gold standard in body detox. Enhance your health regimen and embrace the self-regulation and healing powers within you.


Nuskin and Pharmanex

Pharmanex was created by doctors and scientists who wanted to bring health prevention and supplements to the next level of health care!

I am very impressed by their products line: AgeLock, as well as their other anti aging supplements

Pharmanex was bought by Nuskin, look at their mission statement

Very impressive!

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