Hydrogen is the key to living a healthy and happy life!

Hydrogen combines with harmful free radicals and transforms into water in the body, then exits the body through urine.  

Hydrogen helps repair the cells, enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.


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Why Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is water infused with molecular hydrogen, which can alleviate oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and even pass through blood clots. Hydrogen helps repair cells and enhances our body’s natural healing abilities.


With 170 disease models showing its effectiveness and over 2000 research papers dedicated to its study, hydrogen has garnered significant attention for its potential health benefits.

The Most Natural Yet Powerful Antioxidant: Hydrogen

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I first discovered the benefits of hydrogen water after my husband had been struggling with gut and skin issues due to heavy antibiotic use while battling a flesh-eating bacteria. Hydrogen water not only repaired his gut but also worked wonders on his skin—and mine too!

Research with Hydrogen water

5 reasons why Hydrogen water is the ultimate antioxidant

Scientific research shows that Molecular hydrogen – or H2 – provides considerable therapeutic health effects. In fact, over 700 scientific studies & reviews indicate that H2 has a highly beneficial impact in over 170 human disease models.


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Molecular Hydrogen is a uniquely effective and dynamic Antioxidant. The therapeutic health applications of H2 are almost limitless, as H2 has five advantages over all other types of Antioxidants.

1. Molecular Hydrogen is the smallest and purest Antioxidant that exists.

H2 is far smaller than any other Antioxidant, allowing it to easily enter deeper into our cells than all other Antioxidants. In fact, it is even small enough to penetrate the mitochondria of cells (the cell’s energy center), meaning H2 provides Antioxidant protection at the source of harmful Free Radical production. Unlike other Antioxidants, H2 is also small enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier to provide protection against Free Radicals.
2. Molecular Hydrogen is the “smart” Antioxidant
Most Antioxidants have limited effectiveness for two reasons.
1) They can only protect against some Free Radicals but not others, meaning many different types of Antioxidants are needed for the wide variety of Free Radicals.


2) They cannot distinguish between necessary & harmful Free Radicals. Some Free Radicals are beneficial to our cells, such as hydrogen peroxide.


Molecular Hydrogen solves both problems. H2 selectively targets only the toxic oxygen radicals, and also neutralizes every type of harmful Free Radical in our cells. For instance, H2 selectively neutralizes the most harmful Free Radical, hydroxyl (OH), by turning it into water. H2 protects the cell’s DNA, RNA, protein, lipids & more from Oxidative Stress better than any other Antioxidant.

3. Molecular Hydrogen is 100% natural and completely safe.

H2 is absolutely safe because it is perfectly natural to the body – H2 requires no energy consumption to break down, has no known toxic effect at even high doses, and simply turns into water after providing its Antioxidant benefit. This is another major advantage of H2 over other types of Antioxidants. We can’t take an unlimited amount of other Antioxidants like vitamin C for example, since our bodies have to process it to break it down. Other Antioxidants have a toxic effect at high concentrations, but not H2.


4. Molecular Hydrogen improves the body’s natural Antioxidant systems
5. Molecular Hydrogen provides anti-obesity effects, anti-inflammatory effects and anti-allergy effects.

H2 triggers an activation of our body’s existing cyto-protective proteins and Antioxidant enzymes, such as catalase, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione. Each one of these enzymes protect against different Free Radicals in the body.


H2 does this through supporting cell metabolism, cell signaling, and gene expression




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