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    Stem Cells Activation, Age Reversal & Optimal Health

    "I had never dreamed of finding something as profound yet so simple to use as the LifeWave patches"

    • Pain Relief
    • Aging
    • Detox
    • Joints
    • Sleep
    • Anxiety
    • Skin
    • Regeneration
    • Energy
    • Inflammation
    • Mood
    • Antioxidants

    What are the light therapy patches?

    I have been involved in holistic health for nearly 40 years using many modalities. Understand my frustration (and desperation) when my husband (81 at the time) suffered for almost two years of fainting spells and cluster headaches – time during which we tried EVERYTHING from expensive, painful stem cells injections, PRP, exosomes, neurofeedback, acupuncture, and a lot more with no permanent results until we got introduced to these crazy-ass magic patches.

    The Lifewave patches gave him his quality of life back in 20 minutes.  Yes, we were very fortunate to have our miracle moments early, and I have not stopped sharing about them ever since.

    Over the last year, there is not a day where I do not hear about a beautiful patch story.

    So, what are these patches:

    They are photo-light therapy wellness technology patches. The organic nanocrystal compound inside the sealed patch is imprinted with various wavelengths, which signal the brain to produce various biochemical reactions. The science is called photobiomodulation.

    When the infrared light emitted by your body hits the crystalline structures in the patch, it causes specific wavelengths of light to be reflected back into the body.

    These wavelengths of light act as signals inducing positive biochemical changes in your cells.

    Check out this short video



    It’s similar to the way exposure to red light initiates collagen production in the skin or far-infrared light reduces pain and stiffness. Light-induced biochemical changes, or photobiomodulation, is very well documented in the scientific literature.

    Another well-known photobiomodulation process is vitamin D production. When the skin is exposed to UV light it initiates the body’s production of vitamin D, which is essential for calcium absorption and immune function.

    When it comes to photobiomodulation with the patches, each one sends different wavelengths of light, or signals, to induce various biochemical and physiological changes in the body. These changes are real and measurable in blood and urine tests! If you are interested in the science, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the science section

    Introducing a New Patented Clinically Proven Stem Cell activation technology in a non-dermal Patch Form that elevates the Copper Peptide GHK-CU (Google this peptide) in the body naturally that in turn activates our own Stem Cells, increases Collagen productivity, increases Skin Elasticity, promotes Hair Growth and addresses the Root Cause of Skin Aging.

    • No Injections
    • Safe
    • Ethical
    • Affordable

    Lifewave phototherapy patches promote an environment that enables the body to optimize its restorative power and provide specific health benefits, all without the use of chemicals or harmful drugs to stay healthy.


    X49:  latest patch launched in 2021, the complement to X39, elevates the production of peptide AHK-cu

    Improves cognitive function

    Promotes improved performance in strength, muscle mass, and stamina

    Supports a healthy cardiovascular system, supports healthy cognitive function, faster muscle growth and recovery supports fat loss when used in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise program, and supports bone health.

    Found primarily in the muscle, heart, brain, and skin

    • Energy Enhancer: Obviously during the day – sustained cellular function and endurance – are proven to burn 300 calories per day, reduce or eliminate jet lag, and boost energy production in the mitochondria. Energy Enhancer activates the production of cellular energy, giving the body the reserve energy that it needs to start healing itself.  Can be beneficial also for pain relief.

    Energy Enhancer is one of the two polarity patches: white goes on the right and tan on the left. Use recommended points. An extra important point is on K1 ball of the foot. Ask for image

    • IceWave: Specifically for pain relief, works very well with Aeon, by releasing energy blocks. Ice wave can be used successfully on its own for acute pain, better to use with Aeon in case of chronic pain
    • Ask for various methods of patching for pain with IW and Aeon
    • Silent Night: obvious nighttime – for a deeper, better quality of sleep, activate the production of melatonin, anti-aging,
    • Aeon: resets the autonomic nervous system to parasympathetic mode( rest relax digest) – anti-stress, anxiety and grief, reduces chronic inflammation –- FIRST go to patch for pain relief in conjunction with ice wave, can be worn in the day time or night time, can help with sleep. Also called the peace or zen patch.  Can give a more immediate effect.
    • Glutathione: recommended to wear day time as powerful for liver detoxification (which happens mostly at night) but can create slight detox reactions- master antioxidant – immune system support, most crucial first level of defense – It is recommended to wear 5 days only out of 7. Build wearing slowly. Someone very sensitive and experiencing a strong detox reaction can peel only half the patch off and wear it for 4 to 6 hours the first day, then take the patch off, replace paper and use another 4 to 6 hours the next day or 2 days later. Low and slow build-up according to who you are and what is going on!

    Glutathione is an anti-oxidant necessary in all cells.

    • Carnosine: can be worn day time for instance, if using pre or post-sports training, or at nighttime. Highly recommended for sports people, injuries,

    Amino acid is important to support heart, brain, muscle repair or maintenance

    • Clinically shown to increase stamina by up to 125%*
    • Improves strength and flexibility
    • Improves overall health
    • Improves bioelectrical properties of organs
    • has been clinically proven in conjunction with x39 to improve cognitive function even in case of dementia
    • SP6: daytime -hormone balancing and can support weight loss, helps to decrease cravings. Blood sugar regulation

    SP6, even though a white patch, is always worn on the left side of the body.

    The following patches and combo are not found in some countries because of some country restrictions.

    • Alavida patch: boosts the body to produce collagen, lengthens telomeres, anti-oxidative stress, anti-aging, recommended to wear at night to help sleep and vivid dreams greatly as has an impact on the pineal gland, BUT I had to wear mine during the day for the first 3 months.
    • Alavida – supports skin and skincare, improves sleep quality as it works on the pineal gland, lengthens telomeres, and boosts collagen (extraordinary). In conjunction with day and night cream, it works on moisture and collagen production 24 /7.  To know more about Alavida, scroll down to the bottom of and go to Alavida by Lifewave
    • Nirvana:   combo patch and supplement, elevates happiness hormones, boosts the production of the 6 endorphins, can help with mild depression, can also help with pain as endorphins stronger pain relief than morphine
    • Can help with sleep
    • Supplement to be taken morning or lunchtime
    • In these times of high collective consciousness anxiety, it takes the edge off

    Such an amazing alternative to anti-depressants!

    All patches can be used on animals (very successful on cats and dogs) but for animals above 300 Pounds,

    • Aculife for horses: amazing pain relief, patches are also used for performance, anxiety for horses, etc. scroll down the bottom of the website  and go to Lifewave Aculife.

    Check out my LiveWave website

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