Regeneration, Anti-Aging & Stem Cells

Lifewave PhotoLight Technologies harnessed in small wearable patches

I have been practicing daily health for 30 years: Nutrition & Lifestyle always COME first.
I am also opened to anything that can enhance the body’s ability to heal, regenerate, and renew optimally, drug-free, injections free, and even supplement free.
This is why I got very interested when introduced to Lifewave patches phototherapy: Light Therapy patches are powered by our own Human Energy to Activate Self-healing and Stem Cells without injections!
Different patches boost different brain areas to produce youthful stem cells, glutathione, carnosine, endorphins, activates anti-inflammation, pain relief..... Lifewave technology easy to use patches is the perfect addition to healthy nutrition and lifestyle for anti-aging, regeneration, pain relief, anxiety relief and much more, including an incredible skin care trio.

Introducing a New Patented Clinically Proven Stem Cell activation technology in a non-dermal Patch Form that elevates the Copper Peptide GHK-CU (Google this peptide) in the body naturally that in turn activates our own Stem Cells, increases Collagen productivity, increases Skin Elasticity, promotes Hair Growth and addresses the Root Cause of Skin Aging.
No Injections

Lifewave phototherapy patches promote an environment that enables the body to optimize its restorative power and provide specific health benefits, all without the use of chemicals or harmful drugs to stay healthy.