Longevity is in my genes


This is IT, I am finally coming out of my niche “closet”! 😊

For 40 years, I’ve been passionate about health, wellness, nutrition, lifestyle, personal development, mindset, and spirituality, But I have never settled for a niche that felt right;

Yep, one of my many excuses was: I have learned and got involved with so many modalities; why limit how I can serve and help people? But guess what? It does not work!

It took me many years to surrender, kicking and screaming, to social media, as the way of relating feels still very foreign to me (am I the only one?). It all depends on what you post 😊 or don’t post for people to get to know you and how you can serve them and help them!

In face-to-face encounters, you can overcome awkwardness, and you can convey more who you are!! At least, this is true for me.

And boy, have I been awkward on Facebook!

So, a while ago, I had a BIG HAHA moment (I love those, but they are usually hard to put into words)

I have to go back 66 years ………for my light bulb moment to make sense to you!!!!

My father was 60 when I was born, my mother 40, they had been together for 15 years! So, they called me the accident of the last minute (would have been a better miracle of last minute, but hey, I was not able to argue at the time 😊)

My father was born on Jan 12th, 1897, premature, after his mother had a horse carriage accident, and gave birth to him;

In those days, no incubators, my father was kept in a shoebox on the wooden stove, to keep him warm. Let’s get to some of the nitty-gritty of the family for a short while. His father was an alcoholic who died when my father was eight.

Checklist: No to a great start and No to good genes!

I remember very well that my father, at 60+, was in top shape, and he’s never been sick.

He went through 3 wars, he was shot, and stabbed. He’d been in prison during the war. He did not have an easy life and worked hard until he was forced to retire at 92ish….. and he lived until 99 and 3 months; he died in good health.

In my childhood, he was my best friend. He brought me up a bit like a tomboy playing soccer etc. as he was very sportive!

(Add exercise to the health checklist)

When going out with him, I remember people asking me: “How are you doing, little girl? Are you happy to be with your grandfather?” It always pissed me off as I had no clue why they were saying this!

Whenever we were going out, he would comment on much younger people and how old they looked and behaved 😊

Maybe a bit disrespectful but always quite funny and accurate!

My father had something in-built that nowadays people pay a lot of money to learn:  He had the mindset; the attitude, the nutrition, the lifestyle, and the behavior of somebody who was not going to let age control him.

Fourteen years younger than him, my mother adopted the same way of being and died at 93….

Why am I telling you all this apart from stepping in and being vulnerable here?

So, I realized that my niche had been staring me in the face for 66 years:

I was born, brought up, and lived with a rare understanding and perspective of longevity.



All the rest, studies, practices, courses, and certifications added academic knowledge to what my parents gave me:

LONGEVITY not only genetic but from how they lived their lives.

What does it mean here?

Will I stop sharing health tips, health products, testimonials supporting wellness, health and longevity? Heck No!

Does it mean I will stop posting nutrition and lifestyle tips? Nope, and, in fact more than ever!

Does it mean I will stop posting testimonials of the products I use in my longevity routine? Absolutely not.

It means I realized that what has always been an obvious way of life and interest is may be only very new for you or may be not yet? Or may never be?

When I was 25, if someone had told me about stem cells therapy, that the youngest you asked yourself how you want your health to be growing older, or, that stem cells production starts declining at 25, or asked me what I thought longevity meant, I let you guess what I would have answered! 😊

May be not even at 50…..

BUT it was always there right in my home as the most normal thing in the world. I had assumed that it was everybody’s primal focus of interest. 😊

Longevity is not a destination, but a journey. Let me share here my journey and discoveries to help you better on your journey to live longer, and live better while growing older!

And if you read this post until the end,

or it means you are a good friend

or it means you are looking for what can help you live older while feeling and looking younger!

or both!

No matter what I am grateful to you!


Longevity is in my genes😊