Cost and Fees

Cost and Fees

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Prices and Fees in US dollars

Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle, Emotional Freedom Technique, Bioenergetics Nes Health and  Energy4Life,  Lifewave technology longevity patches 

CONTACT ME to schedule a free 30 mins consultation and according to your health issues and your health goals, we will create your own unique Health plan and cost.

Ask me for special packages during our discovery call.

For chronic conditions, I highly recommend a minimum commitment of 3 months.

LIFEWAVE TECHNOLOGY:   According to the starter kit you choose,  I offer free or at reduced cost Nutrition and Lifestyle consultation.

NES Health devices and remedies prices:

(For other countries allow variability with the exchange rate)

  • Scanner (Inc. shipping): US $ 90.00
  •  Infoceutical (remedies): US $ 30.00 each + shipping (usually 5 infoceuticals for the first scan which will last from 1 month to 1 and ½ month according to sensitivity to dosage, possibly 5 infoceuticals for the next 2 following scans)
  • MI Health device: US $ 3500.00

Method of payment: Paypal

All this is for informational purposes only, it needs to be understood and acknowledge that we do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease