About MarieHelene Roussel

My favorite health mantra:

“Everything is connected; We are all unique; All things matter”
– Andrea Nakayama

Hi, my name is MarieHelene Bhavani Roussel;

I am a Photo Light Therapy Stem Cell Activation practitioner, Bio-Energetics & Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner.

My passion is to help people be healthy and feel young while growing older.

No matter how much progress medicine and medical treatments have made over the last 50 years, the world has become more and more toxic and disconnected from nature, more focused on symptoms and drugs than critical elements to health and wellness like nature, diet, connection, and environment have been ignored, making the holistic, functional, integrative approach to health more necessary than ever before.

Today, it is more important than ever to get the right individualized support for you to stay healthy and young at any age.

My Education & Experience

My passion and mission are to work with people who want to optimize their health, and stay young and vibrant while growing older!

I love being the guide to your optimal wellness and youth renewal using my 40 years of discovery journey.

Health is not the opposite of disease, but a daily choice and practice.

Warning: my bio is a bit more unusual than most and a bit longer than most as it was a long journey to bring me to this point.

I was born blessed to have older parents (mother was 40, father 60 when born in Paris France), blessed as they had time to cook nutritious food (They wanted to stay alive to bring up their child) fresh food daily from the local market, balanced diet and no toxic habits. I saw the results at an early age of a healthy diet and lifestyle no matter what bad genes they had inherited (my grandmother on my mother’s side died of Alzheimer’s and my grandfather on my father’s side of liver cirrhosis due to alcoholism). My father died in good health past 99, and my mother at age 93. So yes, I had good genes and good role models. I am eternally grateful to my parents for being such inspirations.

But being a rebel in my young days, I was reckless and had car accidents, and horse riding accidents, I drank too much and smoked too much until I contracted hepatitis at 24. This stopped me right on my destructive track.

After being told by the doctor that there was nothing he could do for me, that I would have a weak liver my whole life with potentially severe side effects, then being given the wrong medication by another doctor who did not consider my hepatitis history, damaging my liver even more and creating severe side effects on hormones, weight, and skin, this combined with an encounter with a butcher of a doctor for an IUD that my body rejected overnight, I threw away all pills and medical advice or lack of advice and decided there must be another way and that I was going to find out about it.

Then in my early 30s, my dearest friends were diagnosed HIV positive at the time when in the UK (I had moved to the UK by then), all four TV channels were advertising all day long a terrifying scene: A tomb-stone with AIDs engraved on it falling backward. More than thirty years later, I can still remember precisely this very negative image and the impact it had on anyone seeing it. And soon after, my friends went into full-blown AIDs.

I need to share two more stories on this subject dear to my heart. In my research on Aids, many articles were written about the following fact: some partners, both HIV positive, one could develop full-blown Aids while the other never suffered more than HIV. In all the case studies, these partners had utterly different mindsets.

My friends did not survive AIDs, but I was able to advocate for them, give them a better quality of life through nutrition and lifestyle changes and be with them until their last breath making sure that they were treated with dignity and compassion until the end.

Some twenty years or so later, my dear mom had moved to New Zealand at age 87 (yes I was living in kiwi land then), and as an elderly, very French Parisian woman had never learned English. At 92 and a half, after experiencing some symptoms, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer by our local doctor. I knew how terrified my mom was of cancer, having cared for her sister dying at the age of 40 from cancer and in horrible pain and misery. I also knew that my mom wanted to keep her dignity and quality of life at all costs until the end. So when the only prognostic was to remove her bladder, carry her urine bag, and do chemo, I took a deep breath, refused treatments, and asked the doctor (actually I had to demand as asking was not strong enough) NOT to mention the word cancer in front of my mother as the pronunciation is similar to the French word.

For the next six months, I worked on nutrition and mostly on making her comfortable and happy, until another doctor mentioned the word cancer in front of her. I saw her life force and will to live leaving her instantly ……..a month later she died after thanking me for not telling her of her illness and having done precisely what she would have liked me to do for her. A week before her death, she asked me to force if necessary the doctors to put her on a morphine pump as she was ready to go, and did not want to prolong her suffering.

On a beautiful full moon night, she passed away peacefully in my arms, having preserved her dignity and her self-respect. I learned that night that healing is different than curing.

Is it what made me choose my first holistic health training? Definitely yes, as my first training in my early 30s was about the mindset, the body-mind connection, the power of the mind, the impacts of traumas (what is called ACEs now) including birth traumas and how to resolve them, and what effects it has on health and wellness, training that led me into nutrition and lifestyle transformation. The four-year training with my first mentor, dear friend, and heroin Binnie Dansby was my first huge transformational step.

Early into my search, I realized that all changes and healing had to start with me before being able to help anyone else. In my ten years or more working alongside Binnie, I explored many avenues in western and eastern holistic modalities and techniques and, of course, learned and transformed my diet and lifestyle completely.

It is also thanks to Binnie’s assignments of creating some unusual training or program that were born out of one of my other passions; I created transformational stress release wild dolphin tours. Let me explain: being at sea on a boat in nature, encountering wild dolphins, and being blessed to swim in the wild water with them opens anyone to a more effortless transformation from mindset to nutrition and lifestyle.

And this is how I met my husband in my early 40s. My husband had been for a lifetime in search of enlightenment and had spent much time in India with his guru Osho who had changed his name. After having my inner calling to Osho, my name was changed to Bhavani.

By then, we were living in New Zealand, and our journey led us back and forth to India. During our fifteen years living in New Zealand, we ran transformational wild dolphin tours, educating people about nutrition and lifestyle, mindset, ran meditation groups all over the world as teachers of the Oneness University, India where we had the opportunity to work as volunteer in South Africa and Tanzania as well as meeting and working alongside amazing people like Tony Robbins.

In 2010, my husband needed to have microscopic spinal surgery only available in the USA. His partially successful operation led us to meet an energetic master healer and expert nutritionist who always prefers to stay incognito. When he offered to train me, I jumped on this opportunity, and this is how we moved to the US.

After being gratefully trained and working for six years with him, I felt the urge to explore all the other avenues in holistic and energetic health in the US.

This is how I discovered the Nes Health System created by Peter Fraser and Harry Massey: the fact that everything is energy, that distortion of health and healing start and end in the Body Field was not new to me, but Nes Health system brought together many ancient and modern healing traditions as well as new technology and is a very complete and impressive energetic health system. Since Niki Gratrix, whom I have admired for many years, joined the Nes Health team and created an entire holistic health course ” Energy4Life,” that is a tremendous addition to the system.

After becoming certified as a NES Health practitioner, I met and became a graduate of another extraordinary woman, Andrea Nakayama, functional nutrition and lifestyle, health care change, and the inspiration to many functional practitioners, doctors, and clients as well as myself.

2020 saw another shift in my health mission and the final (so far) part of my mission:  I was introduced to Lifewave, a wearable wellness photo light therapy that gave my husband his life and quality of life back! He suffered for 2 years of fainting spells followed by cluster headaches, and tried all sorts of expensive painful treatments like stem cell injections with NO RESULTS, until these patches.

Listening to David Schmidt, inventor, scientist, and Lifewave CEO was a revelation and what brought me to finally realize my ” niche” LONGEVITY ( see blog ) and since then, I am focusing all my practices on these little patches: Sparks or addition to your daily regimen!

My healing and my journey are mine. I am sharing parts of my life to show you that transformation and healing can take many different routes and that there are many tools and ways that could help you find your journey to health and wellness.

I felt at times years ago like an outsider, the one who does not do or eat or smoke the things that other people do to be social or for enjoyment. Let me tell you: this is a minimal price to pay to be healthy and have energy. It is no price at all; it is a reward all the way! Happy to say that over the years, I not only found my communities, and my tribes along the road, but also that there is a growing awareness of healthy living and lifestyle.

One of my weaknesses; going to stores like whole food ( No it’s not an ad ) in the fruit and vegetable section, I become like a kid at Christmas, and yes I spend a lot of money on food, but no money on drugs 😉

I have no bigger passion than sharing with others what I have learned and practiced in my own life.

My dear-to-my-heart testimonial is my 82 years old husband whom I helped walk through many health conditions like heart problems with no surgery or drug, pleurisy, and diverticulitis (no operation) to mention a few.

In my journey, as well as David Schmidt, Binnie Dansby, Andrea Nakayama, my incognito master healer, Peter Fraser, and Harry Massey, I met many people who became inspirations and my heroines/heroes from monks in India dedicated to raising consciousness to best-selling author and financial expert Phil Town, from committed to their health- patients to amazing doctors making a big difference in the world like Dr. Terry Walsh and Dr. Sachin Patel to name a few, from women in South Africa leading prayer groups for abused women and children to amazing artists and love community builders like Deva Premal and Miten

At nearly 67, I am happy to say that I am not taking any medical drugs and still feel like a 40-year-old, but with more wisdom (thank God for that ).

Am I lucky? Maybe I am, but I made a choice a long time ago, and trust me: I do not regret it. The reward of being healthy and loving life is wonderful. Still, the ultimate award is to be able to help someone else in the restoration of their health and life.

Take the first step in your journey to health and wellness; email me, and we can set up a time to talk.

There is no better time than now!

MarieHelene Roussel

All this is for informational purposes only; it needs to be understood and acknowledged that I do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.