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    Are you rejecting the phrase: “It is normal at your age to …….fill in the blank”?

    If you do, you are in the right place!

    I empower people over 50 who want to be healthy or healthier and stay young inside out while growing older- holistically and naturally.

    I specialize in longevity, anti-aging, and age reversal. Longevity means keeping all the qualities that we attribute to youth while growing older, i.e. quality of youthful life.

    Never too late to start! or too early!

    Let me be your guide on your journey to youth renewal!

    Each person is unique and has a unique story that created who they are. Diagnostics may be the same, but the root causes are completely different and ask for different resolutions.

    The uniqueness of the person demands a unique road map of their healing.

    Let me help you.

    Healthspan versus Lifespan          Dr. Mark Hyman

    Holistic Medicine looks at the bio-individuality of each person- zooming out on your lifestyle, habits, behaviors, mindset, and environment, then zooming in to look at the intricate functions and physiology of all the body systems.

    I can show you how to be healthy and reverse aging using Photo Light Therapy Technology, and Bioenergetics tools, with a foundation in Nutrition and Lifestyle!

    Are you ready to enjoy Life up to a very old age?

    About MarieHelene Roussel

    Hi, my name is MarieHelene Bhavani Roussel;

    I am a Photo-Light Therapy Wellness practitioner, a certified Functional Wellness & Life Style educator, a Bio-Energetics NES Health practitioner, and a certified EFT practitioner.

    I specialize in longevity, anti-aging, and age reversal.

    Born and raised in France, I started my journey into holistic health in my early 20s after some dramatic experiences with the medical profession, and after witnessing the struggle of my dear friends diagnosed with AIDS.

    As part of your health care team, my passion is to take on the role of the compassionate educator as I look into your unique story to assess the root causes of your health problems and to support you in every step as you apply the necessary changes to daily life.