Health is a journey and a daily practice.


On your health journey, you need a map. You need someone to teach you how to read the map, how to understand the sign posts or symptoms, how to get on your journey to wellness.

Do you want to be acknowledged and recognized as a whole and unique person, and listened to?

Are you tired of having no changes, no matter how many drugs, supplements, or protocols you tried?

Are you in constant pain?

Have you tired to apply some changes but did not succeed?

Are you ready to find the root causes of your health challenges and transform your health and life?

Each person is unique. Diagnostics may be the same, but the root cause is completely different and asking for different resolutions.

The uniqueness of the person demands a unique way of healing.

Let me help you.

The gut is the soil where the brain grows.

Holistic Wellness looks at the bio-individuality of each person- zooming out to your lifestyle, habits, behaviors, mindset, and environment, then zooming in to look at the intricate functions and physiology of all the body systems. Assessment won’t be based only on symptoms, but on a complete history.

Holistic Wellness recommends habits and lifestyle adjustments. As part of a therapeutic partnership, the practitioner tracks results with the client, making adjustments as needed.

Holistic Wellness meets the person where they are and guides them to where they want to be in their health and wellness.

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About MarieHelene Roussel

Hi, my name is MarieHelene Roussel also known as Bhavani;

I am a Functional Wellness & Life Style educator, Bio-Energetics Nes Health practitioner and certified EFT practitioner.

Born and raised in France, I started my journey into holistic health in my early 20s after some dramatic experiences with the medical profession, and after witnessing the struggle of my dear friends diagnosed with AIDS.

As part of your health care team, my passion is to take on the role of the compassionate educator as I look into your unique story to assess the root causes of your health problems, and to support you in every step as you apply the necessary changes to daily life.